Andrew Prior Fabulously

Travel France Fabulously

French food and travel.
Not just tours but experiences just for you.
Fabulous ones of course.

Small group tours of France are very special.
You’ll try delicious food, meet amazing locals and
above all have a fabulous time.

French Food and Travel Fabulously

My Story

Fabulously with Andrew

Moving to France in 2016 with my partner and dogs was one of the best decisions of my life. Experiencing the food culture her, has been truly life changing.

Another life changing experience was appearing on MasterChef Australia. But since then I’ve meet thousands of people on tours in Melbourne and France. Cooking is still my main passion though and exciting times are ahead on that front, delicious ones as well.

MasterChef Australia 2013 contestant Andrew Prior
My MasterChef Australia pose, eliminated because of a knee injury not my cooking.
Andrew Prior and @LennyinParis at the Jardin du Palais Royal
Myself and @LennyinParis at the Jardin du Palais Royal

Delicious French Food

The food I cook is a little like me.
Might not look great but sure does taste great!

Fabulous Recipe Ideas

Ratatouille Tarte
Ratatouille Tarte – No it’s not made out of rats.
Croissants made from butter
Delicious buttery croissants
French Terrine
My audition dish for MasterChef – Classic French Terrine

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Whatever you do, do it Fabulously

Andrew Prior Fabulously

French food and travel fabulously. France culture and food is my working life now. I love showing people places to go, things to do and delicious food to taste out and about as well as make at home. Whatever you do, why not do it fabulously with me.

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