About Andrew

I’m Andrew Prior and since 2016 I’ve been living, travelling, breathing, cooking and eating all things French. Since moving here from Australia I’ve been lucky enough to help thousands of people this country I’ve loved since my first visit back in 2008.

Back in 2012 I spent a year living in Paris and then went back to Australia where I competed in the reality cooking show MasterChef Australia.

After the experience of MasterChef I realised that my passion was food and travel. So I started a successful walking food tours business in Melbourne called Queenie’s Food Tours. We had tours running everyday with over 3,000 clients in 4 years and achieved a ranking on TripAdvisor of 9 out of 350 activities in Melbourne in 2015.

But France was always calling. So with my partner of over 15 years and two golden retrievers we took the bold step of moving permanently. Many of our friends thought we were crazy but I’ve always believed in following your passion. Mine is doing what ever you do fabulously and in France I find that so much easier.

Since moving to France I’ve followed my food dream and hero’s Julia Childs and Rachel Khoo and completed a Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie course, had successful food tours of regional France and the Cote D’Azur, set up a YouTube channel about Paris, France and other European cities called Travelling Fabulously and helped people with personalised itineraries for planning a fabulous trip to France.

Check out my blog here for some fabulous tips on travel and cooking. Come join me in France whenever you want and remember as I always say, whatever you do, do it fabulously!

Former MasterChef Australia contestant Andrew Prior.
MasterChef Australia in 2013 helped me start a new chapter in my life, a fabulous one of course.

Where to stay in Paris, Le Marais. Travelling Fabulously.

Andrew Prior Fabulously. My food is like me, might not look pretty but sure does taste good.
Andrew Prior Fabulous, fun and delicious.

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