What’s On – January 2019

What’s on in Paris and around the world in the new year, January 2019? From fashion theatre to international exhibitions and conferences, January is the month to come to Paris, France or even New York! 

Andrew at the Jean Paul Gauliter Freak Show

Fashion Freak Show 
​Jean Paul Gaultier show 
18th September 2018 – 21st April 2019

Magnificent Venie
Grand Palais  
24th September 2018 – 21st January 2019

Winter Sales
9th January – 15th February 

Lost in Frenchlation – Les Chatouilles
French movie translated into English screened in Paris 
11th January

Festival Flamenco 2019

Spanish Flamenco Festival in Nimes, France 
11th – 20th January

La Grande Odyssee
Mont Blanc Ski Festival 
12th – 23rd January

Concours De Sculpture Sur Glace 
Ice Sculpture festival in Valloire
15th – 18th January

Paris Fashion Week 
Mens & Haute Culture shows 
17th – 25th January 

Lost in Frenchlation – Amanda 
French movie translated into English screened in Paris 
17th January 

Maison & Objet
Homewares show 
18th – 22th January 

Perigold Truffle Festival 
Truffle festival in Sarlat 
19th – 20th January 

Lost in Frenchlation – L’Empereur de Paris 
French movie translated into English screened in Paris ​
20th January 

Paris Cocktail Week
Over 50 different venues celebrate Paris cocktail week 
20th -28th January 

Lost in Frenchlation – Les Invisibles 
French movie translated into English screened in Paris ​
24th January

New York Times Travel Show
International Travel Show 
25th – 27th January 

The France Show
Francophile show in London 
25th – 27th January 

Bocuse D’Or 
International Chef contest Lyon, France 
29th -30th January

Paris Expatriates Magazine

I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve been nominated by Paris Expatriates magazine as Best Expat YouTuber 2018. So what can you do? I’d appreciate anyone who could take the time out and vote for me via this link. My love is to show people around, be it via my tours or via YouTube. Remember what I say, whatever you do, do it fabulously. 

Nominated for Best Expat YouTuber 2018

International Day of Charity

Helping to feed people

Me and a fellow santa’s helper (also a great wedding photographer) and expat living in Paris helping to feed people.

Today is International Day of Charity and I wanted to share with you a way that you could help people less fortunate then ourselves on your next visit to Paris. The American cathedral every Friday organises a three course meal for around 64 people who are in need. Rain, snow or shine, volunteers from all around the world help out. You don’t have to be a religious person of any denomination you just have to want to help and cook of course. Many  people sign up when they are visiting Paris for an extended period and have the time. It’s a great way to give back on your trip away. Details below on how you can sign up. 

American Cathedral Soup Kitchen 
Avenue George V

Empty Streets of Paris

Empty streets of Paris – Rue Montmartre 2nd Arrondissement

In Paris everyone that lives here and is not involved in a tourism based industry goes away for most of August. It seems that everything is closed for either the whole month or at least part of it. This year even the Eiffel tower closed for two days because there was so many tourists here visiting the tower and not enough staff in town, so all of the people there had to work too much and just weren’t happy.

One of the amazing things though about Paris at this time of the year is the feeling you have when you are walking across a street and you realised that there are no cars, bikes, motorcycles or anything on a road. It’s like you are in a zombie apocalypse movies.

But the upside to all of this, the closed shops, restaurants and not being able to get a good iced coffee is that you are able to get some amazing photos for your instagram. Oh and have an opportunity to have an experience like walking down the smaller streets of this fabulous city without the fear of being hit by a rouge deliveroo rider.

It won’t last forever obvious and with the last week of August fast approaching there is life coming back to the streets of Paris even as I type this post. But check it out next year if you like. Need help with knowing what is open at this time of the year though, just email me for an itinerary with some great recommendations.

Rue Montmartre 2nd Arrondissement

A Sad Moment for a Monument

Just down on our local food street is a memorial to a sad piece of history. It is to mark the spot of the site where two men had been arrested and sentences to death for homosexual activity in France on the 6th of July 1750.

Monument on Rue Montorgueil in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris

I bring this to your attention as recently we had the gay games here in Paris. During this time of celebration for many it was a time of sadness that some people decided to spread hatred. This plaque was vandalised along with many other areas of significance in the community during the games. ​

​Thankfully the community and the council cleaned the plaque up pretty much straight away and is now taking pride of place in one of the busiest streets of Paris. I’m sad that such a thing could happen back in the 16th century and also sad that such a thing could still be happening today. I’m proud though of all the people who participated at the gay games and for those fighting for their lives in countries that are still killing people for who they love.

Rainbow Streets of Paris

Paris 2018 Gay Games

We have had summer here in Paris and it’s just about over. The over 30 degree days are over we hope and the winter chills are fast approaching, yippee I can’t wait. This summer though was a special one for some in town. 

Most of August the French and a lot of Europeans leave the big cities and head to the south. So in Paris most head on holidays and everything is closed. This summer though many stayed in town to take part in the 2018 Gay Games of Paris. From participants in the games to the organises and staff at venues, they all stayed in town to take part in a special event. 

The Marais is known as a gay area of Paris and early in Summer a few weekends before the games the city celebrated a week of pride. Many streets and their pedestrian walk ways were lined in rainbows and the council allowed them to be kept and maintained to the games. They are still around now in some areas which is fantastic. This has brought a sense of pride to the city and the community. The games might be finished but the sprit has not left us.

Best Croissant In Paris

Best croissants in Paris. Are you looking for them? Then look no further than my winner of best croissants in Paris. I’ve got it all covered for you and I can guarantee weight wasn’t put on in the research of this video for you. What with all the walking and eating going on.

My winner of best Croissant in Paris is?

Whatever you do, do it fabulously. So check out this fabulous list of places to find the best croissants in Paris. Episode out now. If you are coming to France and need great ideas on what to do and where to stay just for you then check out my itinerary planning service here.