My Best Croissants in Paris

Croissants are a weakness of mine and have been for a long time now. My best croissants in Paris list below has been accumulated over the last three years since we first moved to Paris. Now it consists of delicious treats that anyone visiting this amazing city will want to try. Firstly I must sayContinue reading “My Best Croissants in Paris”

Your Top Ten Things To Do In Nice France

Looking for some fabulous things to do in the Cote D’Azur? Staying or living in Nice and want to explore the city some more but from a different angle perhaps? Then this list of your top ten things to do in Nice France is hopefully right up your alley. I love Nice, it’s really niceContinue reading “Your Top Ten Things To Do In Nice France”

Best Croissant In Paris

Best croissants in Paris. Are you looking for them? Then look no further than my winner of best croissants in Paris. I’ve got it all covered for you and I can guarantee weight wasn’t put on in the research of this video for you. What with all the walking and eating going on. Whatever youContinue reading “Best Croissant In Paris”