Fabulous Food

Delicious French food recipes for you to cook at home. You can make one of the fabulous recipes from Andrew at home and follow his cooking on Instagram. Coming soon is Cooking Fabulously on YouTube.

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There’s nothing better I think than a delicious home cooked meal. French food suits home cooking so much as it embraces easy techniques, delicious seasonal food and a history from fabulous chefs that have inspired the world. Sure you can make your tarte a Michellin starred success but why not just make it a delicious family meal.

Delicious Ratatouille Tarte recipe - French Food recipes

If you are obsessed with food as much as I am then your instagram and other social media will just be filled with delicious looking creations. It’s hard to find and sort through so many at times. So check out any of the below for some inspiration and hopefully easy to find tips on either my blog for recipes and travel food recommendations on my instagram page Andrew Prior fabulously

Andrew Prior former MasterChef Australia contestant and now French foodie
Andrew Prior former MasterChef Australia contestant eating his way around France

Coming soon are some delicious recipes right on your screen with Cooking Fabulously. YouTube will never be the same with my cooking. Maggie Beer and Matt Preston might have loved my Coq Au Vin but they haven’t seen anything yet. Look out world, cooking fabulously is coming with delicious French food recipes in June 2020.