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Don't just travel on the metro, travel fabulously with Paris Holiday planning by Andrew Prior

Paris holiday planning. Coming to Paris, but don’t want to go on a tour? Let me help you plan your time here.

​Paris is my second home now that after four years of living there I’ve moved to the French countryside. I love this city – and naturally she loves me! That’s why I’m spending my time from 2020 onwards between the country and city life.

Paris and its suburbs are an urban area of around 13 million people and there’s much more to the city than just its famous monuments.

It’s a city of so many layers and hidden surprises, with many of them not easily found on the internet and many websites and booking options not in English. These include many unique and quirky museums, cool out of the way shops and districts, broquante markets and the delicious reasonably-priced restaurants. 

Even then, there are so many choices. How about these stats, there are 73 museums in Paris alone! 31 national monuments, at least 20 covered passageways, more than 200 theatres and cabarets, tens of thousands of restaurants, and over 450 parks and gardens. Daunting to say the least, but not if you have me.

I help visitors and clients plan their trip to maximise time and effort in this fabulous city. I can also make reservations for you, for accommodation, restaurants, attractions and events.  So why not let me help you plan your next fabulous trip.

There are four options available for my Paris holiday planning services. Pre planned itineraries available soon for downloading, 45 minute Skype/Facetime call with me to answer any questions you may have and give you specific tips, personalised itinerary for you designed by me for your next trip and/or a Skype/Facetime call and personalised itinerary. Check the links to purchase now.

Paris Holiday Planning

Paris Holiday Planning Services with Andrew Prior help you find great views like this one.

Coming Soon

Spring 2020 – Preplanned Paris Itineraries, weekend, 5 nights, 1 week, fortnight and month long options.

Fill in your name and email address below and I will let you know as soon as these are available.

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Remember that not all information about Paris holiday planning is online, and not all provide information in English. Further, many of the big travel aggregators only promote the experiences for which they get the best commissions.  In 2017, 40 million tourists visited the Greater Paris area and a lot of money is spent to promote specific attractions. These are often not the best way to see and experience this great city. ​So let me help you plan your experience to make the most of your time here.

I can advise you on and/or make reservations for…

  • where and when to visit the many antique and broquante markets
  • where to see some of the old fabulous Belle Epoque era theatres 
  • the best neigbourhoods for street art in the city’s newer urban renewal areas
  • the cool and hip restaurants in the up-and-coming hipster districts
  • some of lesser-known (and hard-to-find) classical French restaurants
  • we can plan a shopping district itinerary
  • where the secret non-publicised bars are located (that provide a true Parisian experience)
  • the rooftop restaurants and bars with the best views of Paris (some are hard to find)
  • the best new museums to visit and when. Paris has museums devote to almost anything: Islamic art, street art, Asian arts, native arts, specific artists like Picasso, and a 19th Century Chinese Pagoda that has re-opened after more than 50 years
  • short-term apartments for your needs, as a result of formal arrangements with apartment providers 
  • we can book and send you tickets for many of the popular sites as well as lesser known monuments and attractions 
  • day trips in Paris, like canal trips, taking into account your timing and schedule​
  • recommend day trips out of Pairs, taking into account your timing and schedule
  • advise which cool rooftop bars to go to
  • we can recommend other food experiences like cooking classes 
  • ​evenings and lunches at specific restaurants, food markets and shops, with which we are personally familiar (because we like lost Parisians eat out all the time!)
  • which festivals and events are truly fab! and which ones are popular and which not
  • check out my blog for more tips and recommendations.

Ok, so you’re interested in my Paris holiday planning services, what to do now?

Let’s start a conversation. Click on one of the four options above and let’s start planning your next trip to Paris, France.

How do I get paid for my Paris holiday planning services.

Depending on the product you purchase I may take a small flat fee for itinerary work, which can be paid via multiple options. If you purchase either the Skype/Facetime calls or preplanned itineraries I receive the amount you pay online. All other costs (booking fees, accommodation costs etc) are laid out clearly, so there are no surprise or extra fees.

I take no commissions or fees or get no benefit myself from restaurants, shops, attractions recommended, although I do in some cases get a referral fee from selected apartment providers if you choose an apartment that I recommend in the personalised itinerary options.