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Paris is a big city with so much to do and see. Having lived in this city for some time, you can live here for years and still not see all there is to do. There are the monuments and famous attractions, but then there is the lesser-known, the hidden, and the cool Paris. 

In Melbourne, Australia, I spent several years showing people around that city’s top food spots as part of Queenie’s Food Tours. Now I show people around France and Paris, my new home. Let me show give you an insight into the people, the culture and the way of life.

Paris Food Market Tour

Come explore one of the Paris’ largest outdoor markets and historical areas. This is one of the best ways to see the city’s food, culture, and way-of-life all at the same time.

​We meet at a convenient metro stop and get a coffee to go. As we stroll to the market, we pick up one of the best croissants in town. I know it well!

Then it’s off to the market. There will explore and take photos and, if you like, you can shop as well. 

The market has an array of food from a range of cultures, as well as clothes, and knick knacks you can purchase and pack into a small corner of your bag to take home. At the markets we also have a delicious, freshly made crepe made by Briton locals who come to this Parisian market each week. 

Once we have shopped and eaten, we walk it all off with an entertaining and informative tour of the nearby Marais area. As a local, I know the area well, and I show you many interesting and out-of-the way spots. 

Then I leave you at the end with the most important thing of all: time to shop, and some great restaurant tips for the rest of the day or trip. 

€75 per person 

This tour runs every Thursday and Sunday throughout the year. 

A minimum one person maximum of eight people per group. 

Meet at 9.30am. 
Tour runs for 3 hours

Secret Passageways of Paris

Paris Private Tours

There are at least 20 covered passageways in Paris, with the oldest dating back to 1799. Originally designed to protect shoppers from the weather, there were 150 in their heydays, but sadly only few left.

These typically glass-roofed structures are filled with fascinating shops, nostalgia, art and history.

This tour is sure to provide a fabulous memory of this great city. Each passageway has its own history; some are narrow and thin and somewhat fading, and others are quickly becoming chic again, with great cafes and restaurants.

In fact, there is one classic well-priced French restaurant French we particularly recommend. This tour is one of the best ways to see Paris food, culture, and way-of-life all at the same time.

​We meet at a convenient metro stop and start our wander through history over the next three hours.

€75 per person

This tour runs seven days a week throughout the year. 

A minimum one person maximum of eight people per group. 

Meet at either 10am or 2pm as per your request.
Tour runs for 3 hours 

Versailles Day Trip

There’s tours of Versailles and then there are tours of Versailles.

Touring Versaille with me is an experience you won’t get with other tour companies. 

We visit parts of the palace and city often over looked by other tour companies. The day is yours and depending on the budget you can get there on the train with me or in style via private transfer. 

I customise the tour to your budget and so it can include lunch or not. But when I say lunch you’d be surprised to learn that it’s a one michelins starred luncheon. And the price of this less than my competitors. 

Tours options start at €95 per person and range from there depending on your requirements and include access to all palace entries. 

Tuesdays to Sundays as long as the palace is open.

A minimum one person maximum of five people per group

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